Five Haunts!! Dr. Hacker’s Asylum, The Forest, The Shack, Dark Matter, & Twisted
4 Haunted Houses for only = $20.00
All 5 Haunted Houses for only = $25.00

DR. HACKER'S ASYLUM: Enter Dr. HAcker's twisted asylum only to be discarded into the Dark Bayou where you must escape our version of hillbilly hell.

FOREST OF FEAR: As you enter the Forest you may have to face your biggest fears. A thousand eyes will be watching you. The sounds and smells may make you weak, but don't run, you might get caught in a sticky situation.

HILLBILLY SHACK: When you enter the Crawley Family Shack you may be greeted with crooked, toothless smiles, but don't worry, they love having guests for dinner. You may see Zeb lounging around, of find a few toys to play with. Beware though, the Crawley's are weary about strangers walking through their home.

SLAUGHTER HOUSE: As you enter the Slaughter House you may feel compelled to run, but don't, he loves a chase. Don't be alarmed by the family's trophies hanging around, that's just their way of "showing the goods". Don't let the sheets get in your way, you may not make it out in one piece.

THE DARK MATTER: A 3D labyrinth of darkness and psychedelic matter that will challenge your senses and send chills up your spine.

R.I.P. PASS additional $20: Don't want to wait in line? Let any of our staff know that you want to purchase an R.I.P. Pass. This pass will be sold on site only for $20 and allows you to move to the front of the line at the ticket booth and all Five Haunts! Not available online but available on location! A Major Haunted House Event in Tennessee!

Group rates can only be purchased online. No group rates will be available for purchase at the box office. No group rates will be available for purchase after Oct 22nd.

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Lights Out –– Lights out dates are November 2nd & 3rd
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. $20 admission
Dare to join us for a challenging Lights Out tour of Hauntedweb of Horrors.

Tickets can be purchased on location or online


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